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Overview of the Post-Liberation Korean Economy and Prospects for the Future

IGE Brief+ | Kwang Suk Kim | 1995.12.29
IGE Brief+ 1995.12.29
Kwang Suk Kim

Dilemmas of International Competition

IGE Brief+ | Jai Woong Lee | 1995.11.15
IGE Brief+ 1995.11.15
Jai Woong Lee

Japan's Industrial Network Organizations and Its Efficiency

IGE Brief+ | Jong Yoon Lee | 1995.11.09
IGE Brief+ 1995.11.09
Jong Yoon Lee

Historical Consciousness and Korea-Japan Relations

IGE Brief+ | Won Tack Hong | 1995.09.30
IGE Brief+ 1995.09.30
Won Tack Hong

Preferential Trade Agreements and Policy Measures

IGE Brief+ | Chong Hyun Nam | 1995.08.22
IGE Brief+ 1995.08.22
Chong Hyun Nam

Globalization and the Korean Economy: Boom or Bubble?

IGE Brief+ | Bon-Ho Koo | 1995.07.20
IGE Brief+ 1995.07.20
Bon-Ho Koo

Possibility of Continuing Strong Yen and Korea's Countermeasures

IGE Brief+ | Jin Geun Park | 1995.06.30
IGE Brief+ 1995.06.30
Jin Geun Park

Will the World Economy Collapse?

IGE Brief+ | Chuk Kyo Kim | 1995.05.09
IGE Brief+ 1995.05.09
Chuk Kyo Kim

Korea and the U.S.: The Year 2000 in the Global Economy

IGE Brief+ | James Laney | 1995.04.21
IGE Brief+ 1995.04.21
James Laney

What is Globalization?

IGE Brief+ | Pyung Joo Kim | 1995.04.12
IGE Brief+ 1995.04.12
Pyung Joo Kim