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The International Economic Development and Korean Economic Development

IGE Brief+ | Yoon-Je Cho | 2000.09.02
IGE Brief+ 2000.09.02
Yoon-Je Cho

Is Asia's Recovery Sustainable?

IGE Brief+ | Il SaKong | 2000.06.15
IGE Brief+ 2000.06.15
Il SaKong

Revisit of High Cost with Low Efficiency

IGE Brief+ | Jong Yoon Lee | 2000.06.10
IGE Brief+ 2000.06.10
Jong Yoon Lee

The Recent Financial Crisis and Korea's Economic Future

IGE Brief+ | Il SaKong | 2000.04.20
IGE Brief+ 2000.04.20
Il SaKong

What Happened to the Debate on the Global Financial Architecture?

IGE Brief+ | Il SaKong | 2000.02.10
IGE Brief+ 2000.02.10
Il SaKong

The Prospect and Policy Alternatives for the Korean Economy 2000

IGE Brief+ | Joon-Kyung Kim | 2000.01.28
IGE Brief+ 2000.01.28
Joon-Kyung Kim

WTO New Round: Recent Ministerial Meeting in Seatle and Its Prospect

IGE Brief+ | Taeho Bark | 1999.12.23
IGE Brief+ 1999.12.23
Taeho Bark

Toward Closer Economic Cooperation among Korea, China and Japan in the Age of Globalization

IGE Brief+ | Il SaKong | 1999.12.21
IGE Brief+ 1999.12.21
Il SaKong

Fallacy and Reality in Productive Social Welfare System

IGE Brief+ | Kwang Choi | 1999.11.05
IGE Brief+ 1999.11.05
Kwang Choi

How to Deal with Income Distribution Problems in Korea

IGE Brief+ | Kwang Suk Kim | 1999.08.24
IGE Brief+ 1999.08.24
Kwang Suk Kim