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Korea's Response Strategies Based on a General Model of Forreign Exchange Crisis

IGE Brief+ | Jin Geun Park | 1997.10.25
IGE Brief+ 1997.10.25
Jin Geun Park

An Ageing Population and the Budget Crisis

IGE Brief+ | Chong-Kee Park | 1997.08.05
IGE Brief+ 1997.08.05
Chong-Kee Park

Korea's Financial Sector Reform

IGE Brief+ | Ke Sop Yun | 1997.07.15
IGE Brief+ 1997.07.15
Ke Sop Yun

North Korea's Food Crisis and Collective Farming

IGE Brief+ | Pal-Yong Moon | 1997.06.30
IGE Brief+ 1997.06.30
Pal-Yong Moon

A True Story of Company Growth: Lessons from the Hanbo Crisis

IGE Brief+ | Chung Jee | 1997.04.25
IGE Brief+ 1997.04.25
Chung Jee

Economic Management in the Era of Globalization

IGE Brief+ | Duck Woo Nam | 1997.03.10
IGE Brief+ 1997.03.10
Duck Woo Nam

Lessons from the Hanbo Crisis

IGE Brief+ | Jai Woong Lee | 1997.02.25
IGE Brief+ 1997.02.25
Jai Woong Lee

Why a Low Economic Growth Rate Is Desirable?

IGE Brief+ | Chuk Kyo Kim | 1997.02.12
IGE Brief+ 1997.02.12
Chuk Kyo Kim

How to Revise the Labor Law?

IGE Brief+ | Sookon Kim | 1997.01.31
IGE Brief+ 1997.01.31
Sookon Kim

New Agenda of the WTO

IGE Brief+ | Wan Soon Kim | 1996.12.16
IGE Brief+ 1996.12.16
Wan Soon Kim