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Fintech as a Strategy of Financial Inclusion in the Age of Digitalization

Occasional Paper Series | Hyoeun Yang | 2020.02.11
Occasional Paper Series 2020.02.11
Hyoeun Yang

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and its Impact on the Future of Economy and Society

Occasional Paper Series | Jerome Glenn & Jeffrey Schott | 2020.02.10
Occasional Paper Series 2020.02.10
Jerome Glenn & Jeffrey Schott

Financial Innovation and Asset Management Strategies in the Age of Hyper-Low Interest Rates

Occasional Paper Series | Robert Merton | 2020.02.10
Occasional Paper Series 2020.02.10
Robert Merton

Beyond 1980's: The New Horizon of Japan-Korea Economic Relations

Occasional Paper Series | Yukiko Fukagawa & Hugh Patrick | 2020.02.10
Occasional Paper Series 2020.02.10
Yukiko Fukagawa & Hugh Patrick

A Brief Tour of Global Near-term Risks and Long-run Concerns about the International Financial Architecture

Occasional Paper Series | Carmen Reinhart & Michael Barr | 2020.02.10
Occasional Paper Series 2020.02.10
Carmen Reinhart & Michael Barr

Why I Remain Optimistic about China

Occasional Paper Series | Henny Sender & Allen sinai | 2019.08.02
Occasional Paper Series 2019.08.02
Henny Sender & Allen sinai

Financial innovation, FinTech and the Future of Finance

Occasional Paper Series | Robert Merton & Suyi Kim | 2019.08.02
Occasional Paper Series 2019.08.02
Robert Merton & Suyi Kim

U.S. Economic and Trade Policies of the Post Midterm Election

Occasional Paper Series | Danny Leipziger & Jeffrey Schott | 2019.08.02
Occasional Paper Series 2019.08.02
Danny Leipziger & Jeffrey Schott

Asia's New Economic Landscape: India, Japan and China

Occasional Paper Series | Eisuke Sakakibara & Karsten Sach | 2019.08.02
Occasional Paper Series 2019.08.02
Eisuke Sakakibara & Karsten Sach

U.S. Economic and Trade Policy for Korea and Asia

Occasional Paper Series | Charles Freeman & Guy Sorman | 2019.08.02
Occasional Paper Series 2019.08.02
Charles Freeman & Guy Sorman