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The Role of Government in Transition

IGE Brief+ | Pyung Joo Kim | 1996.12.11
IGE Brief+ 1996.12.11
Pyung Joo Kim

Economic Development, Policy Reform and the Establishment of Competition Order

IGE Brief+ | Sung Sup Rhee | 1996.11.21
IGE Brief+ 1996.11.21
Sung Sup Rhee

Recent Economic Crisis and Policy Measures

IGE Brief+ | Kwang Suk Kim | 1996.09.12
IGE Brief+ 1996.09.12
Kwang Suk Kim

Risks and Effectiveness of the Financial Derivatives

IGE Brief+ | Sang Kee Min | 1996.08.12
IGE Brief+ 1996.08.12
Sang Kee Min

Multilateralism versus Regionlism: Can it Be Compatible?

IGE Brief+ | Sae One Kim | 1996.07.11
IGE Brief+ 1996.07.11
Sae One Kim

Liberalization of the Financial Markets in Korea

IGE Brief+ | Young Chul Park | 1996.06.14
IGE Brief+ 1996.06.14
Young Chul Park

Globalization and Transformation of Business

IGE Brief+ | Chung Jee | 1996.05.06
IGE Brief+ 1996.05.06
Chung Jee

On the Collective Bargaining System of Korea

IGE Brief+ | Moo Ki Bae | 1996.04.08
IGE Brief+ 1996.04.08
Moo Ki Bae

Will the Era of for Medium-sized Firms Be Opened?

IGE Brief+ | Dong-Kil Yoo | 1996.02.29
IGE Brief+ 1996.02.29
Dong-Kil Yoo

The Domestic Futures Market: Its Planning and Prospects

IGE Brief+ | Seon Lee | 1996.01.12
IGE Brief+ 1996.01.12
Seon Lee