2013 Major Publications & Interviews

2019-03-21 11:40
  • Need For Enhancing Communication With The Public”, JoongAng Ilbo, Nov 2013 (in Korean)
  • “Give More Force To G20 When Losing Its Power”, JoongAng Ilbo, Sep 2013 (in Korean)
  • “Interview: State of the Korean Economy”, Weekly Freedom Newspaper, Aug 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Creative Destruction for Creative Industries”, JoongAng Ilbo, May 2013. (in Korean)
  • “New World Economic Order and Forward-looking Korea-Japan Relationship”, Vol. 07, IGE Brief+, Institute for Global Economics, Apr 2013. (in Korean)
  • “The Korea Economy Looking Ahead”, Pleasure of Empathy, Mar 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Aspiring to be a Premier Trading Nation”, Cosell, Mar 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Radio News Show’s Interview,” CBS, Feb 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Interview: 5-Year Memoire of the Lee Myung-bak Administration,” SBS, Jan 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Interview: Restoring the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs: Conditions for Success,”
    Channel A, Jan 2013. (in Korean)
  • “Interview: Requirements for New Economic President - Views of 10 Former Senior Secretaries to the
    President for Economic Affairs,” Chosun Ilbo, Jan 2013. (in Korean)